Powered Heaters

HDT powered heaters range in heating capacity is 60,000 to 200,000 BTUs (17.6 to 58.6 kW). The heaters use a variety of fuel sources, including all grades of diesel fuels (such as JP8) and operate on 110VAC, 220V/50 Hz, and 208V 3-phase voltages.

HDT’s versatile powered heaters are ideal for heating a wide variety of tent systems. Some of the heaters are capable of running in 100% recirculation mode with an HDT 400 CFM (679.6 m3/h) CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear) filtration system to protect inhabitants from any toxic agents that might be present in the outside air supply.

HDT’s Powered Heaters include:

  • CV125CG – 60K BTU portable heater
  • IASH II – 180K BTU heater
  • MTH150 – 120K BTU heater
  • MV125 – 60K BTU heater
  • MV60CG – 60K BTU heater (110 volt version of the MV60EU)
  • UH680DH – 60K BTU non-portable heater
  • D1000B – 100K BTU portable heater (European voltage available)