HDT power system products are rugged and durable, with advanced digital controls and built-in shed-on-demand capabilities. HDT designed, engineered and manufactured the industry's first integrated generator/ECU/trailer system (GET) in 1994. Today, HDT is driven and committed to provide innovative energy efficient and reliable power generation solutions supporting field missions.

HDT has power expertise in:

  • Mobile power generation
  • Power level management
  • Alternative power source utilization
  • Power conditioning
  • Load balancing
  • Distribution-of-power technology

HDT Power Products include:

  • Generator ECU Trailers (GET) – Trailer-mounted generators and ECU for cooling/heating, with fuel tank for complete mobility
  • Generator Sets – 10 kW, 35 kW, and 60 kW power generators
  • Generator Trailers – Trailer-mounted generators with fuel tanks for complete mobility
  • Generator Support Equipment – Fuel/Cargo/Shelter Support Trailers, Cargo/ECU Trailers, and portable load banks
  • Power Distribution Units – 120AMP, 200AMP, and 400AMP PDUs, and Utility Distribution Boxes
  • Solar Generators – Expandable Solar Array panels