HDT designs, engineers and manufactures a wide range of high efficiency heaters. HDT heaters include powered, self-powered, and non-powered models for shelters; hot water and fuel-powered models for vehicles; and fuel powered models for vehicle cargo areas. Reliable, lightweight and easy to maintain, many HDT heaters come with safety features such as carbon monoxide detectors, and conveniences such as remote thermostat controls. With multiple fuel options and CBRN/COLPRO compatibility on many of these durable and rugged products, HDT heater solutions provide protection, comfort, and performance in ambient temperatures as low as -50°F (-46°C).

Features include:

  • Deployable systems for shelters, base camps, vehicles, vehicle cargo areas
  • HDT exclusive self-powered, highly efficient heaters are ideal for personnel shelters
  • Powered heaters available in a range of heating capacities, many able to use a variety of grades of diesel fuel
  • Built to withstand extreme temperatures, rough handling, sand, dust, rain, and snow