ChemBio Decontamination Systems

Collective Protection (ColPro) Decontamination Systems

HDT’s Chemical/Biological (Chem/Bio) resistant Collective Protection (ColPro) system is designed with the durability and quick setup of all HDT Base-X® and AirBeam® Shelters.

  • HDT’s ColPro system utilizes positive-pressure filtration to remove toxic chemical and biological agents and airborne particles on the battlefield or in civil incidents
  • Extensive testing at Edgewood Chemical Biological Center verified that the HDT ColPro Shelter System exceeds military requirements for protection factors
  • The ColPro System utilizes HDT filtration technology, developed over decades in close collaboration with the military
  • Proven Lightweight Fan Filter Assembly filtration system is fully functional at only 190 pounds (86.2 kg) and half the shipping cube of existing CBR (chemical, biological, radiological) filtration units
  • A High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestor (HEPA) filter removes bacteria, fungi and viruses at an average 0.3 microns
  • All HDT ColPro shelter liners easily retrofit into existing HDT frame/outer cover assemblies, enabling current customers to achieve CBR protection with their existing shelters
  • Features include:
    • Interoperability with current fielded systems
    • Pass-through port with airlock
    • Corrosion-resistant frame and durable, multilayer, CB-resistant fabric
    • Materials passed live-agent testing
    • Small-cube, man-portable, rugged shelter for use in any terrain