Protective Entrances

HDT’s protective entrances, or air locks, provide a pressurized transitional zone between a shelter interior and the surrounding toxic air. Protective entrances, proven reliable in demanding field conditions, are required whenever personnel must move back and forth from a pressurized toxic-free area (TFA), such as a medical facility or van, to a contaminated external environment.

  • Units are available in configurations designed for mounting on first response vehicles, as well as permanent and temporary shelters of all sizes
  • HDT protective entrances provide a clean air shower to decontaminate (or purge) entering personnel
  • Clean air from the positive-pressure shelter interior is used for the pressurization source
  • Operating controls and pressure sensors maintain proper pressurization
  • Inside the air lock, the user has the ability to remove contaminated clothing and masks
  • Air locks collapse for storage and safe transportation in and out of the operation zone