Individual CBRN Protection

HDT’s Individual Protection CBRN systems provide individual protection against CBRN agents when positive pressure cannot be maintained in vehicles or shelters.

  • Individual distribution (ID) systems are also known as ventilated face piece collective protection systems
  • Used in vehicles when inside air is not purified, supplying 3 to 4.5 CFM (5.1 to 7.7 m3/h) of purified air via CBRN-resistant hoses to crew members protective masks
  • HDT’s two Individual Distribution systems in wide use by the U.S. Military today include the 12 CFM (20 m3/h) M8A3, and the 20 CFM (34 m3/h) M13A1. Originally designed for use in order vehicles such as M60 tanks, these systems are now used in all classes of combat and tactical vehicles.