Specialty Products

HDT provides integrated solutions used in expeditionary military and industrial/commercial settings. Core product offerings of shelters, command and control center components, heaters, air conditioners, CBRN toxic air filtration, and power generators support HDT’s mission to be a single source for all components required to set up a complete expeditionary base camp. Security and mobility, especially for missions in austere environments, are critical for protection and field operations. Specialty products such as containerized systems, tactical all-terrain vehicles, and tow bars further enhance HDT’s ability to offer solutions supporting all aspects of a fully-functioning base camp’s operations.

HDT Specialty Products include:

  • Containerized Systems – Includes Containerized Weapons System (CWS), a tricon containerized, remote controlled, weapons station providing force protection, and Modular Deployable Perimeter Security System (MDPSS) for non-lethal personnel protection applications
  • Specialty Vehicles – HDT Storm® and Sword™ search and rescue vehicles
  • Containerized Ice Making System (CIMS) – A tricon style, containerized ice plant that makes 1,800 pounds (816.5 kg) of ice per day at 130°F (54.4°C) ambient conditions
  • Lightweight Expeditionary Bridge – Mission kit for Squad Multipurpose Equipment Transport (SMET)
  • Tow Bars – For the Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles (FMTV)
  • Vent Chek Valve – For use on shipboard plumbing systems to eliminate vent stacks