Q: What does HDT specialize in?

A: HDT Global specializes in the design and manufacture of state-of-the-art, durable and fully integrable solutions for mobile/expeditionary missions, or rugged living/working conditions. Our products are highly adaptable and perform well in extreme environments.

  • Based on our core capabilities in environmental control and protection; intelligent and conditioned power; advanced materials; and mechatronics, we provide shelters; power generators; heaters; air conditioners; air filtration devices; chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) collective protection (ColPro) systems; specialty vehicles; and robotic products to U.S. and allied forces, government, and industrial/commercial customers around the world
  • HDT is also known for our advanced product development, prototyping and engineering capabilities in the development of custom solutions and new technologies. Our robotic solutions for military applications and for patient rehabilitation are a prime example of this
  • In the military market sector, HDT solutions meet the needs for outfitting command posts; hospitals; military barracks; emergency medical treatment units; decontamination facilities; and command and control operation centers. HDT solutions are also employed to meet similar same needs for homeland security, state and local government, and emergency response customers.
  • In the industrial/commercial market sector, HDT solutions meet the needs for customers requiring solutions engineered to work in expeditionary environments, such as mining; or in environments that experience extreme temperatures and corrosive/high dirt and dust air pollutants such as foundries, mills, and other heavy manufacturing types
  • A key ingredient to our success is the unsurpassed worldwide support we provide with product training and after-sale support – no matter what issues our customers encounter

Q: What uniquely differentiates HDT in the market?

A: HDT is the only supplier with core capabilities in environmental control and protection, intelligent and conditioned power, advanced materials, mechatronics, and engineering/technical services able to offer fully integrated turnkey solutions to our customers which may include shelters, heaters, air conditioning units, power generators, air filtration units and filters all manufactured by one company – HDT.