The D-1000B Heater is rugged, lightweight, rust resistant, shockproof and easy to operate and maintain, providing 99,500 BTU/H of dry, clean heat at a rate of 1,020 CFMs. The heater includes an electronic control system that monitors for high heat conditions and flameout, and operates on an external input of 120VAC, 60 Hz, single-phase power.

Features include:

  • Full safety protection devices, including a safety shut off switch that shuts off upon detecting 100 ppms of Carbon Monoxide content
  • Operates for 12 consecutive hours without refilling the fuel tank
  • Can run at temperatures as low as -50°F (-45.6 °C)*

* Independently tested at the US Army Facility at Picatinny Arsenal, NJ. Note: Arctic Fuel Blend required for temperatures below fuel gel point.