Custom Applications

HDT solves tough problems for clients, creating state-of-the-art robotics and human interactive mechatronics.

We perform advanced research and development in collaborative human-machine robotics. For DARPA, we built the world’s most advanced prosthetic arm. We have created force-multiplying cobot manipulators, so people can avoid repetitive strain injuries while performing strenuous, repetitive jobs by using only one tenth the physical effort. Our contract research work for a wide variety of clients has expanded the boundaries of robotic touch sensitivity, swarm intelligence, and many other cutting-edge topics.

HDT also has an area of specialty in biomimicry – studying how animals perform amazing tasks, then replicating that capability in robots. We have built an underwater GhostBot, which silently swims in any direction. Also underwater, we have recreated the electrosense detection capability of electric eels, which allow them to sense prey hidden behind rocks in murky water.