Industry Leading Solutions

Fundamental to the development of our industry-leading solutions, HDT engineering services is a key resource in creating advanced, efficient, and cost-effective products. With 47 patents granted, pending, or in-process, HDT engineering’s consultative and innovative approach is a value-added service which HDT customers have come to expect.

HDT engineering is proficient in all leading:

  • CAD software
  • Modeling software
  • Software language and communications platforms

A sampling of HDT engineering services skills include:

  • Air and thermal management
  • Analog and digital control systems and circuit design
  • Electromechanical actuation
  • Energy efficiency
  • Man/machine interface and haptics
  • Power management
  • Robotic manipulation
  • Tensile testing
  • Shock and vibration hardened electronics
  • Structural analysis

Utilizing an approach starting with the funded project, moving through:

  • Planning
  • Concept development
  • System level design
  • Detailed design, build, and test
  • Product validation
  • Production ramp-up

and ending with the product launch, HDT Engineering Services maintains competencies and processes including:

  • System requirements analysis
  • Design and engineering
  • Product development
  • Fabrication
  • Assembly, integration and test
  • Post-production support

Why Choose HDT?

Having over one hundred engineers in seven offices throughout the United States, HDT engineering services can be your contracted, objective consultant for an entire process, or brought in for portions of a project as you prescribe. While beneficial to utilize us as early in the process as possible, our skills, capabilities, software tools, and testing procedures give you the flexibility of using HDT engineering services when it’s right for you, at whichever threshold of a project you desire our involvement.

Analysis and Simulation

HDT employs state-of-the-art analysis and simulation tools to evaluate and optimize design alternatives. We evaluate key performance characteristics in both static and dynamic environments to ensure design validation throughout the design process.

HDT uses Cosmos and Pro/Mechanica finite element analysis (FEA) software together with LS-DYNA for transient dynamic analyses. For analysis of air and fluid mechanics, we use CFDesign computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software. In addition to these off-the-shelf solvers, HDT develops custom analytical tools and models to specifically match project needs.

Our analytical tools allow for:

  • Analysis of airflow mechanics, pressures, mass transfer, and particle trajectories
  • Thermal, structural, and dynamic finite element analysis (FEA)
  • Mechanical shock and vibration analysis
  • Kinematic and dynamic analysis of mechanisms
Conventional and Rapid Prototyping

Prototyping allows for form, fit, and functional analysis of product components and subsystems. It provides risk reduction in product development by allowing key attributes to be evaluated during the design phase, when changes to the product configuration can be easily and cost-effectively made. HDT maintains a network of in-house and outside prototyping capabilities, to include both conventional and rapid prototyping (RP) methods. Because product designs are usually developed as 3D solid models, they can easily serve as the data source for stereolithography (SLA) models and CNC machines. As a manufacturer of military equipment, HDT understands prototyping and transition planning. HDT’s conventional and rapid prototyping capabilities allow for:

  • In-house proof-of-concept prototyping
  • Functional prototyping using rapid prototyping (RP) technologies
  • Functional prototyping using machining and metal-working processes
  • In-house assembly and testing
Custom Design and Modeling

HDT is at the forefront of using 3D solid modeling software to develop and optimize complex mechanical systems. These digital designs often serve as the basis for computer-based analysis and simulation, allowing for rapid design development and evaluation early in the design process.

HDT uses SolidWorks® and Pro/Engineer® for 3D mechanical modeling and OrCAD® PCB (Printed Circuit Board) design software for board design and development. All technical data is managed within a SolidWorks Enterprise PDM (Product Data Management) environment for complete configuration management.

Our design and modeling capabilities provide the following competitive advantages:

  • Rapid development of complex products in a distributed design environment
  • Development of digital product definitions for rapid prototyping and CNC machining
  • Real-time to validate design attributes throughout design development
  • Integrated design configuration management throughout product development
Custom Applications

HDT designs solutions for unique applications. We frequently tailor our equipment to meet specific requirements including issues of instrumentation and systems control, fuel-fired coolant heaters and remote monitoring. Whether it is 1 of 100 or one of a kind, we observe the same high-quality manufacturing and testing processes. HDT builds and thoroughly tests products in our state-of-the-art manufacturing and production facilities. From initial design stage through to the final coat of paint, HDT is committed to providing high quality products for mission success.

HDT offers custom application services including, but not limited to:

  • Tailoring your equipment to meet specific requirements, including issues of instrumentation and systems control, fuel-fired coolant heaters and remote monitoring
  • Addressing noise abatement, weight limitations, structural integrity, size restrictions and other important aspects
  • Evaluating shock, stress, fatigue and random vibration
  • Determining the optimum structure for maximum strength and minimal weight
Program Management

Project success is not guaranteed by great technical solutions alone. A culture that respects project management is also needed, along with trained managers and information systems for collecting and sharing of schedule and cost information. We recognize that solid project management is a key contributor to project success. For this reason, we have developed procedures, methods, and information systems that serve the needs of our managers to provide the information they need for accurate and timely decisions. Our project management capabilities include:

  • Job cost reports that detail costs incurred and obligated against approved budgets
  • MS Project or equivalent for development and management of complex schedules
  • Project management procedures with periodic management reviews
  • Project management training
Testing and Validation

Testing and Validation is essential to ensuring mission success for deployed products and systems. From designing test strategies to analyzing test data, HDT has the personnel and experience to lead test programs or contribute substantially as part of a testing team. HDT is adept at testing products and systems in severe environmental conditions, including military shock and vibration environments. Our testing activities often require the use of sophisticated sensors and test equipment including spectrum analyzers, custom data acquisition routines, and laser particle sizing equipment. Our capabilities in testing and validation include:

  • Chemical analysis and performance testing of gas filters and air purification equipment
  • Environmental testing of military equipment and systems
  • Acoustic measurement, analysis, and noise control evaluations of equipment and systems
  • Functional and operational testing of equipment and systems
  • Psychrometric chamber for ECU testing
  • Cold chamber for low temperature testing of heaters and ECUs