Power Generation & Power Management Solutions

HDT designs and manufactures a wide range of power generation and power management solutions. Essential to military and expeditionary mission operations; mobile, transportable, and variable power solutions provide the energy required get the job done.

HDT has power generation, conditioning, distribution and control expertise in:

  • Mobile power generation
  • Alternative power source utilization
  • Microgrid control, storage, and integration
  • Power level management
  • Power conditioning
  • Dynamic loading
  • Packaging and transportation

HDT power system products are rugged and durable, with advanced digital controls and built-in shed-on-demand capabilities.

  • Skid-mounted generator output ranges from 10 kW to 60 kW
  • Trailer-mounted generator-only or generator/ECU combinations (GET) with options on generator and ECU capacities
  • Shelter expandable solar power arrays
  • Expandable battery packs for solar power storage
  • Balance of Systems load balancing/distribution systems

Power Efficiency

Since pioneering the first integrated trailer, generator and ECU platform (GET) in 1994, HDT is committed to providing and conserving power to benefit field missions. HDT is at the forefront of developing expeditionary power-grid management technology that makes the most of every watt, distributing power efficiently to where it’s needed, and conserving it when it’s not.

  • The HDT Balance of Systems (BOS) utilizes this technology to manage the distribution of power harvested from alternative energy resources, such as solar, shore power and generator power. The BOS can also interface with tactical vehicle power via a NATO connector from the battery of a tactical vehicle.
  • 3 kW Hybrid Expeditionary Power System (HEPS) is an intelligent power management and storage system capable of harnessing disparate power sources such as solar, wind, AC, vehicle power, and other DC sources to reduce fossil fuel usage to the absolute minimum necessary to power the attached loads
  • 10 kW/30 kW Microgrid with Autostart, an advanced expeditionary system that meets peak power demands up to 10 kW on a single-phase of a generator, and up to 30 kW when stacked on three-phases