HDT electromagnetic interference (EMI) shelters provide an electromagnetic barrier for the sensitive electronic equipment utilized in tactical and communication centers. Designed to reduce the battlefield signature of a tactical and communication centers, the EMI Shelter contains radio frequency interference (RFI) signals generated by equipment inside the shelter and protects critical equipment from the effects of electromagnetic Interference from outside the shelter.

HDT EMI Shelters are available in our AirBeam®, Base-X® and DRASH® shelter lines and are compatible with fielded shelter systems. As a cost-effective option, EMI liners are available to retrofit existing HDT soft wall shelters.


Key Features

  • Reduces cybersecurity and battlefield signatures of a tactical and communication centers by at least 60 dB
  • Modular design interconnects with other shelters to increase operational areas and maintains conductivity
  • Provides a single system to house electronic equipment versus EMI protecting individual components
  • Reduces the damaging effects of a High-Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP)
  • Interior cover, floor and doors are constructed from independently-tested EMI/RFI blocking material for a completely enclosed shield
  • HDT’s EMI liner fabric meets all applicable sections of MIL-PRF-44423 including breaking strength, tear strength, and flame resistance. It is also formulated to minimize losses to efficiency from repeated strike and erect cycles.
  • The HDT EMI floor is removable and field replaceable
  • EMI shelter liners are also available as an upgrade / replacement for existing shelter liners, making them a cost effective solution
  • EMI shelters can be integrated with Utility Transport Trailers (UST) to provide seamless power and environmental control packages
  • The HDT coated EMI Liner fabric is lighter and packs smaller than the competition’s laminated fabric