Medical & Emergency Operations

HDT shelter systems are ideal for military and emergency medical applications in any environment.

  • Medical shelter systems are rapid-deploying, mobile facilities with complete infrastructure/inventory for stabilization and treatment of patients
  • Integral liners (with floor) provide a clean environment for medical operations. A pre-installed electrical system and air distribution plenum are standard
  • HDT’s Emergency Medical Treatment and Triage System (E-MTTS) is a rapid-deploying, mobile facility with complete infrastructure/inventory for stabilization and treatment-in-place of patients during mass-gathering incidents
  • Three configurations for surge-capacity patients (12 bed, 25 bed hub and spoke and 25 bed square) are available. These freestanding units are designed for quick set-up and can be augmented with medical equipment and supply sets to provide a total turnkey solution for mobile medical needs.
  • Options for rapid, organized response to any critical medical situation include alternate care sites used during a mass casualty event and/or drive-thru distribution systems for use during a pandemic to hospital surge facilities
  • Medical Surge – Rapid-deploying, mobile facilities with complete infrastructure and inventory for responding to a medical surge, incident deployment, isolation or mass gathering. A variety of sizes are offered and medical supplies and equipment are customized to meet your specific needs.
  • Drive Thru Systems – HDT’s Drive-Thru Clinic System offers an extremely versatile mode of providing services or conducting checkpoints during any type of emergency situation from a mass casualty event to a pandemic
  • Mobile Hospitals – HDT can provide complete stand-alone mobile hospitals customized for 12 to 100 beds or more. Every medical shelter can be stocked with equipment and medical supplies to meet your specific requirement.