HDT’s MV60CG heater uses 110-volt power and burns DF1, DF2 or DFA, and military JP8 grades of diesel fuel. With low-voltage controls for safe use in outdoor applications, the MV60CG outdoor heater has a powerful fan system to deliver 60,000 BTU/H (17.5 kW) of heat at an air flow of 600 CFM (1.019 m3/h) to a tent or duct system. Now equipped with vent mode operation, the MV60 can circulate air through the shelter without having it heated. This feature is beneficial for shelters set up in environments with moderate daytime temperatures. The MV60 can also be run in emergency mode, allowing the heater to operate if the remote room thermostat is lost or damaged.

Features include:

  • Remote thermostat
  • Nine gallon (34 liter) internal fuel tank
  • Lightweight at 105 lbs (47.6 kg) dry weight
  • Available with or without ducts