• HDT support personnel are available via telephone, email, or in person. Contact us at 800-969-8527 to speak with a customer service representative or a technical support specialist.
  • HDT is the industry leader in engineering, production and CONUS/OCONUS support of expeditionary infrastructure
  • As the premier provider of expeditionary Base Camp, Tactical Operation Center and Medical facility design, deployment, maintenance, sustainment and troubleshooting services, HDT has unparalleled technical reach-back capability and product knowledge
  • HDT’s world-class technical and engineering capabilities are centered around:
    • Soft wall shelters
    • Rigid wall shelters and containers
    • Force protection/weapon platforms
    • Air-deployable tactical wheeled vehicles
    • Environmental Control Units (ECUs) for heating and air conditioning
    • CBRN air filtration systems
    • Decontamination systems
    • Power generation
    • Heaters
    • Water distribution and containment
    • Gray/Black water distribution and containment
    • Expeditionary shower and latrine systems
    • Expeditionary laundry systems
    • Large inflatable and frame-supported maintenance and warehouse solutions
    • Hybrid power systems and energy storage/distribution platforms
    • Robotics
    • Aerial delivery systems
  • HDT is proud to support those who serve. We are committed to provide best-in-class service solutions including:
    • New equipment training
    • Maintenance/equipment reset support
    • In-field support for exercises and deployments
    • Base Camp, Tactical Operation Center, and Medical Facility design and layout
    • Expeditionary infrastructure deployment services
  • HDT Global provides support when and how you need it
    • 24/7/365 emergency hotline
    • Rapid deployment capability with CONUS/OCONUS logistics, maintenance, and deployment support available in 72 hours or less
    • Custom support packages designed to meet your mission requirements

We offer exceptional training and support for our products to ensure that users are completely prepared to use them in the field. We are available worldwide: in person, in the field, online, side by side with you.

  • Continuous training for rotating troops
  • Complete operator training on all new equipment
  • Training for in-field maintenance and repairs
Field Services

Our staff lives beyond an office environment. We’re in the field where equipment is evaluated, installed, and tested. Our technical services travel to the source of the problem or need, where real-time problem identification and resolution make all the difference. Our services include:

  • Ventilation system testing and balancing to design conditions
  • CBR filter installation and leak testing to ASME N510
  • Noise measurements and remediation
  • Scheduled and corrective maintenance of fielded equipment and systems
  • Mechanical support of system installations and upgrades
Service Agreements

HDT offers Service Packs, Maintenance Contracts, and Training in support of each generator system.

Service Packs ensure consumables are available in the field. We offer 500 Hour/6 month, 1000 Hour/12 month, 1500 Hour/18 month, and 2000 Hour/24 month operation periods for the following maintenance levels:

  • Preventive Maintenance (PM), Level I, Level II
  • Master Maintenance package that contain PM, Level I, and Level II spares

Maintenance Contracts are tailored to your specific needs. Multipoint inspections and evaluations of fielded units by qualified HDT personnel ensure damage free service and a well maintained unit.

Refurbishment of fielded units is offered.

Training is the key to the smooth operation of the HVAC and Power Generation System. HDT provides operator and basic maintenance training with all ECUs and Trailer Systems. Follow-up training is available from operator level to all levels of maintenance tasks.