HDT’s MTH150 tent heater is a portable, medium-capacity outdoor heater with heat output of 120,000 BTU/H at 1,900 CFM (35.17 kW at 3,228 m3/h). The MTH150 uses 110-volt power and burns all grades of diesel fuels, including military JP8. Fuel tank capacity is 22 gallons (83.3 liters). With fuel consumption of 1.25 gallons per hour (4.7 liters per hour), the MTH150 has the ability to run for extended time periods with a full tank of fuel.

Features include:

  • Remote room thermostat
  • Carbon monoxide detector
  • Two 16" x 10' (40.64 cm x 3 m) ducts
  • Stackable/lockable, 15 heaters per 463L pallet
  • Low maintenance and reliable operation