HDT Global leads the industry in engineering, designing, and manufacturing cutting-edge military/expeditionary solutions. Founded in 1937 in Solon, Ohio, HDT is a worldwide supplier of products and services including:

  • AirBeam®, Base-X® and DRASH® shelter systems
  • Command and Control (C2) components enabling the design and delivery of custom, fully integrated, Tactical Operations Centers
  • Environmental Control Units (ECUs) for cooling and heating
  • Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear (CBRN) air filtration systems and air filters
  • Trailers and Intelligent Power Trailer Systems
  • Mobile power generation systems, trailer-mounted or skid-mounted
  • Heaters for shelters, vehicles, and cargo areas
  • Reeves® EMS Emergency Management Solutions
  • Robotic manipulator arms, actuators, and remote-controlled robots for mine clearing and provision hauling
  • Specialty products, including Guardian Angel Air-deployable Rescue Vehicle (GAARV) and containerized weapons systems (CWS)
  • Accessories for Energy-Efficient Base Camps, and more
  • Engineering Services ranging from proof-of concept product validation and testing, to final build and test

Our breadth of HDT-manufactured products and in-house engineering services uniquely positions us in the industry as the only company able to offer and deploy complete, integrated solutions, specific to mission requirements, all from a single manufacturer. HDT solutions are designed for rapid set-up and strike, taking into consideration all facets of troop comfort in expeditionary environments.

HDT’s proven track record of providing innovative, high-quality, integrated solutions is backed with their use by:

  • U.S. Army
  • U.S. Marines
  • U.S. Coast Guard
  • U.S. Homeland Security
  • Army Corp of Engineers
  • U.S. and International OEMS
  • U.S. Navy
  • U.S. Air Force
  • National Guard
  • International Ministries of Defense
  • State and Municipal Governments

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