Expeditionary Energy Efficiency

HDT Global leads the way with reducing the logistics burden in expeditionary environments. Our shelters, generators, environmental control units (ECUs) and heaters are the most efficient in terms of fuel consumption.

  • Balance of Systems Unit – Manages the distribution of power secured from alternative energy resources, such as solar, shore power and generator power
  • Radiant Barrier Blanket – A shelter accessory to create an added thermal barrier, increasing a shelter’s insulation factor
  • Solar Shade Fly – An optional layer of protection to reduce shelter interior temperatures and lower fuel consumption for environmental control
Renewable Power Sources

We have the world’s only line of self-powered heaters which incorporate a thermoelectric generator to supply power for combustion and air handling. We have already fielded expeditionary solar power systems to power electronics and lighting in the shelter. This unit and other renewable power resources utilize micro grid technology to manage power demands in forward operating applications.