Self-Powered Heaters

Efficient and reliable for strategic field operations, HDT’s self-powered heaters are designed to be a forward-deployed, tactical space heaters delivering clean heated air to personnel shelters in austere environments. HDT Space Heater Convective heaters are forced air, ducted type heaters using a thermoelectric generator to supply power for combustion and air handling. Complementing HDT’s Space Heater Convective heaters, the Large Capacity Field Heater (LCFH) generates 400,000 BTU/H (117.2 kW) of heat output.

HDT’s Self-Powered Heaters include:

  • Space Heater Convective 35 (SHC35) – 35K BTU heater utilizing a thermoelectric generator
  • Space Heater Convective 60 (SHC60) – 60K BTU heater utilizing a thermoelectric generator
  • Large Capacity Field Heater (LCFH) – 400,000 BTU heater
  • Self-Powered Heater Accessories – Includes a charging rack for SHC batteries, and the NATO charging system (NSN 6130-01-699-4616)