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Collective Protection Videos
Integrated Collective Protection Solution Videos

Time compressed video of the setup of a ColPro shelter system.

Canadian troops train with new collective protection system.

Robotics Videos
Adroit® Manipulator Arm Videos

Single arm manipulator picks up wooden blocks and stacks them, using tele-op control.

Single arm manipulator picks up drill, regrasps handle, independently actuates trigger, and makes a hole, all controlled via tele-op.

Dual arm manipulator using a hammer drill to penetrate concrete blocks, then lifting concrete blocks.

Adroit arm digs through compacted soil. After five minutes, the hole was about 30 cm (1 foot) deep.

Video of a highly dexterous dual arm mobile manipulator system, using HDT’s prosthetic arms.

Video of British Ministry of Defense testing of an Adroit dual arm system, with earlier generation end effectors.

Medical Robots

The KineAssist used in physical therapy.

A patient testimonial on using the KineAssist in therapy.

DARPA video explaining the Prosthetic Arm Project.

The powerful story of a quadriplegic woman who volunteered to be one of the first patients to test neural control of a prosthetic arm.

HDT Protector Robot

Testing of the hammer mini-flail attachment at Fort Benning, where we won the JIEDDO dismount route clearance competition.

Testing of mine roller/rake attachment at TARDEC.

Demonstration of cargo carrying in a Squad-Mission Equipment Transport (S-MET) role at Fort Benning.

Testing of vehicle’s suspension, including: 6" round, 6" step, 18" drop, and 24" drop.

Testing of emergency stop from full speed and of towing capability.

Specialty Products
Specialty Vehicles




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