The HDT ArctiX Shelter is an advanced, lightweight, rapid deploying expeditionary frame shelter. Its hybrid dome design optimizes snow load, snow shed, and wind load while providing optimal usable space and interior height.

  • The ArctiX shelter features a dual layer construction that provides a completely weatherproof, yet breathable enclosure with ample ventilation to prevent moisture/condensation buildup on the interior shelter surfaces
  • The shelter has venting, stove-pipe, and heater accommodations as well as inherent insulating properties, afforded by the dual-layer design
  • All fabrics used in the ArctiX shelter are resistant to the deteriorating effects of rot, fungus, mildew, and corrosion in both operational and storage conditions, wet or dry, in accordance with AATCC 30, the test method defined by the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists to determine the susceptibility of textile materials to mildew and rot and to evaluate the efficacy of fungicides on textile materials. The materials allow tent striking with minimum drying time to prevent mildew.
  • The liner provides 310 ft2 (28.8 m2) of environmentally protected, usable space. The unique liner material offers a number of high-performing features in a very lightweight, low cube fabric featuring flame resistance, mildew resistance, and blackout capability.
  • The ArctiX shelter features two lightweight fabric flies that can be attached to the shelter to provide camouflage in both woodland and snow-covered environments