With the first Reeves® EMS stretcher having been introduced over 100 years ago, the Reeves line of patient movement equipment has developed into a well-known brand around the world for its quality, durability, and innovative designs. Built for emergency responders, the Reeves EMS patient movement equipment is constructed from durable materials and is light weight yet strong enough to hold 1,000 lbs.

  • Reeves Sleeve – designed for rapid patient immobilization, it can be used for vertical or horizontal extrication, or confined space rescue. In use with first responders, government agencies and armed forces around the world, the Reeves Sleeve is one of the most trusted stretchers available today. Variations include:
    • Reeves Sleeve II – modified to include additional carry handles and a reinforced bottom
    • Reeves Sleeve III – Berry-compliant and available through TLS-FES
    • Reeves Sleeve Draggable – with a specially coated nylon, plastic bottom and diaper harness, for dragging through rough terrain
  • Reeves Flexible Stretcher – to maneuver a patient around corners or on stairways where traditional rigid stretchers won’t fit
  • Reeves Stadium Stretchair – a unique stretcher designed to transport victims from stadiums, or other places where steps make patient movement difficult
  • Reeves Spine Board – designed for patients with spinal and neck injuries and minimizes patient movement during transport
  • Reeves Splint Kit Set – for arm or leg fractures. Velcro straps allow for fast and easy application.