Meet the Team

HDT has built a team of experienced industry leaders and visionaries focused on the design, engineering, production and delivery of cutting-edge solutions to meet and exceed customer expectations for mission success.

Board of Directors

Daniel E. Flesh
Nexus Capital

Evan P. Glucoft
Managing Director
Nexus Capital

Vince Buffa
Chairman of the Board

Patrick Sullivan
Member, Board of Directors

Kevin McSweeney
President and CEO
HDT Global

Advisory Board Members

Peter J. Talleri

Alan S. Thompson

Stephen M. Twitty

Management Team

Kevin McSweeney
President and Chief Executive Officer

Edward Holleran
Chief Financial Officer

Dr. Thomas Van Doren
Chief Technical Officer and Vice President of Engineering

James Cassella
Chief Revenue Officer

Justin Wexler
Chief Transformation Officer

Veronica Gilbert
Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

Mike Scala
President of Expeditionary Systems

Greg Miller
Senior Vice President and General Manager, Platform Systems

John Dotson
Senior Vice President and General Counsel

David Ornelas
Vice President of Operations

Mark Weiler
Vice President of Supply Chain Management

Todd Nelson
Vice President and CIO