HDT makes the most advanced expeditionary shelters that feature inherent energy efficient characteristics. The HDT Shade Fly provides an additional layer of solar protection, reducing shelter interior temperatures and temperature gradients, and lowering fuel consumption associated with environmental control. The HDT Shade Fly comes in three variants: Shade Fly Mesh, Shade Fly Mesh Camouflage or Shade Fly ULCANS.

The Shade Fly is modular and can be scaled to fit various shelter models. Shock-cord poles made of 7075 aluminum for strength, durability and crush-resistance support the Shade Fly fabric. Each section of the pole is no more than 63" (160 cm) for easy storage and transportation. The universal fly design easily fits over HDT AirBeam® or Base-X® shelters as well as hard shelters, vehicles, containers or areas to provide shade or act as a solar barrier.

Use of the Shade Fly with HDT Shelters has proved to reduce internal shelter temperatures 10 – 18°F (5.5 – 10°C), reducing the environmental control requirements and needed power supply. Thus, a smaller generator or renewable energy resource (such as the HDT Expeditionary Solar Power System) would provide sufficient power supply for small base camp operations. Using solar power establishes energy self-sufficiency. In moderate to hot conditions, the shade fly can either reduce ECU run times or decrease the number of required ECUs for the same level of comfort. In mild conditions, the shade fly would eliminate the need for an ECU.


HDT Shade Fly