The HDT Insulated Liner creates an insulated thermal barrier. This increased efficiency reduces the energy needed to heat or cool a shelter. It is designed to work with the HDT’s AirBeam® or Base-X® Shelters. Once it is installed, it can remain in place even during the shelter strike process.

HDT’s insulated liner configuration provides a superior radiant / insulative barrier for conductive, convective and radiant heat transfer. The liner is ruggedized ensuring that it is puncture and tear resistant. In addition, the liner is flame resistant to industry standards and does not promote growth of fungi or bacteria.


Key Features:
• Reduction in HVAC run time up to 75%
• Insulated liner material does not absorb water
• Insulated liner material maintains shelter mobile
• Effective R Value of 6
• Shelters maintains wind and snow loading rating
• Tested and approved to ASTM D6413 Flame Resistance
• Mold and mildew resistant