Since it pioneered the first integrated trailer, generator and ECU platform (GET) in 1994, HDT has been committed to providing and conserving power in ways that benefit those in the field. HDT is at the forefront of developing expeditionary power-grid management technology that makes the most of every watt, distributing power efficiently throughout the camp to where it’s needed, and conserving it when it’s not. The HDT Balance of Systems (BOS) utilizes this technology to manage the distribution of power harvested from alternative energy resources, such as solar, shore power and generator power. Additionally, the BOS can interface with tactical vehicle power via a NATO connector from the battery of a tactical vehicle.

Through decades of time spent in the field and working alongside those we serve, HDT has gained unparalleled expertise, allowing us to become the world’s leading provider of energy-efficient expeditionary systems. Whether they are used for FOB, C2, billeting or other applications, these unique solutions allow those within them to focus on the task at hand, not the fuel to run them.