The HDT ArctiX® Ahkio Sled is a trusted load carrier for dismounted arctic warfighter operations, oil and gas exploration, equipment extraction and snowmobiling in the Arctic and Antarctic. The UV resistant, Ultra High Molecule Weight (UHMW) Polyethylene construction is flexible and durable in the most extreme Arctic environments. The the hinged design on the front and the back of the sled offers maximum flexibility while allowing for field repairable and field replaceable components which are not found on molded sleds.

The ArctiX Ahkio Sled features a wider base, additional lead connections and load locking straps to increase sled stability and warfighter safety while traversing diverse and technical terrain. The cargo capacity of the ArctiX Ahkio Sled allows the warfighter to manage rucksack loads by off-loading any tier two supplies into the sled, reducing shoulder-borne weight and warfighter fatigue.


Key Features

  • Three UHMW runners for increased traction and stability on side slopes, while providing minimal drag
  • Increased cargo volume
  • Wide stance / lower center of gravity for increased stability
  • Internal straps to secure sled contents and prevent load shifts on varying terrain
  • Cordura fabric enclosure for a durable, snag-resistant, fire retardant, and cold weather rated enclosure
  • Mildew resistant trace lines rated at 1,950 lbs (884.5 kg)
  • Rated for operational use to -60°F (-51°C)
  • Rugged design allows for sling load transport