The HDT ArctiX® Ahkio Kit is a complete solution, providing the warfighter with the necessary equipment to maneuver in an arctic environment and the capability to more easily manage rucksack loads, reduce shoulder-borne weight and increase warfighter safety. The foundation of the kit is the HDT ArctiX Ahkio Sled – a flexible, durable, wide-based sled designed for stability and increased cargo capacity. The sled features additional lead connections and load locking straps to ensure sled and load stability while traversing diverse and technical terrain. The kit includes HDT’s industry-leading 10-man Arctic Shelter along with many other high-performance, lightweight components.



HDT Ahkio Sled
Flexible, durable, UV resistant, ultra-high molecule weight (UHMW) polyethylene construction engineered for temperatures as cold as -60°F (-51°C)

HDT 10-Man Arctic Shelter
Engineered for reduced weight and packed dimensions and optimized for ease of deployment without compromising cold weather performance or fire retardancy

Food and Fuel
Five-gallon fuel can with stand, Five-gallon water can, Squad cook set, Squad stove, Fire extinguisher, Gasoline lantern with case

D-handle coal shovel, Machete (with sheath), Bow saw, Ax, 2-lb hammer, Lopper

Rope / Line
120 m static rope, 9′ trace lines, 27′ tow rope, Ahkio pulling harness, 6′ 7mm cordelette, 25’ 1-in tubular nylon webbing

Aluminum oval carabiners, Aluminum locking pear-shaped carabiners