HDT 5-ton Military Environmental Control Units (ECUs)

High ambient temperatures can be dangerous to individuals and damaging to equipment. HDT’s industry-leading Environmental Control Units (ECUs) are available in a wide range of cooling capacities to cool all sizes of shelters, vehicles and aircraft (as aviation ground support equipment) effectively regardless of dust, rain, sand or other harsh conditions.

  • HDT 9K, 18K, 36K, 60K, 96K, and 120K ECUs – For applications requiring Mil-Spec and COTS designs for cooling and heating
  • 5 Ton Basic and 6 Ton Basic ECUs – ECUs delivering 72K BTU cooling /40K BTU heat in 50hz or 60 hz power environments
  • 6 Ton ColPro – Shock, vibration and vapor tested ECU for use in Collective Protection/CBRN Air Filtration applications
  • 8 Ton Turf Cart – Caster-mounted ECU delivering 96K BTU cooling/46K BTU heat
  • DDM-18K Armored ECU – An ECU that integrates with Dynamic Defense Materials, McCurdy Interlocking Shelter System and delivers 18K BTU cooling/14K BTU heat
  • DRASH 5 Ton Turf Cart – Turf cart-mounted ECU system with combined 60K BTU cooling/60K BTU heat
  • Dual 8 Ton ECU Trailer – Trailer-mounted ECU system with combined 192K BTU cooling/92K BTU heat
  • E2CU 18K and EEECU-M18 SEL – ECUs delivering 18K BTU cooling at 130°F. M18 SEL includes full onboard diagnostics.
  • EEECU 9K and E2CU 18K– ECUs delivering 9K BTU cooling and 18K BTU cooling, both with Energy Efficiency Ratings (EERs) 20% higher than ECUs currently available in the market
  • EEECU-60K SEL – A CBRN-ready and energy efficient ECU delivering 60K BTU cooling/37k BTU heat with onboard diagnostics
  • F100-60K (5 Ton) – ECU delivering 60K BTU cooling/40K BTU heat
  • M109 and M113 MCS – Vehicle MCS delivering 14K to 45K BTU cooling for the M109 and M113 vehicles