HDT’s F100-60K delivers 60,000 BTU/H (17.6 kW) of air conditioning and 10,000 kW of heat when required. Specifically designed for operation in severe environments, with proven performance in sand, dust, rain, snow, or extreme heat and U.S. Army-qualified for operation in temperatures ranging from -50°F to 130°F (-45.6°C to 54.4°C). The F100-60K ECU is designed to be positioned outside of a shelter on the ground or trailer-mounted for portability. Onboard storage of two 6′ (1.8 m) long flexible air ducts, a 15′ (4.6 m) long condensate drain hose and a 25′ (7.6 m) long power cord simplify the F100 ECU set-up and teardown processes.

  • HDT’s F100-60K ECU is equipped with an onboard operator control offering OFF/COOL/HEAT/VENT operating modes and manually adjustable thermostat
  • The operator control is equipped with illuminated fault indicators for troubleshooting without the need for opening any access covers
  • The F100-60K ECU is equipped with additional power quality features that are easily accessible. Voltage and frequency meters display the power available to the ECU. A power quality analyzer is embedded in the control panel and will prevent the ECU from operating poor power quality or phase reversal conditions. Resettable circuit breakers are provided for the main power, convenience outlet and control circuit.