The Company Mass Casualty Decontamination System (MCD) uses state-of-the-art DRASH® shelters and equipment to effectively decontaminate large numbers of patients quickly.

The MCD allows for a continuous flow of patients from any mass casualty incident and is configured to accommodate ambulatory, non-ambulatory or a combination of both. The internal plumbing and heating system provides five gallons per minute of decontamination solution and rinse water at each shower station, and contaminated runoff is contained in a secure berm before being pumped into a remote waste water storage bladder.

The DRASH shelters are designed to be set up quickly with minimal personnel, and are operable in extreme environmental conditions. The MCD is currently used by both Active Duty and USARC chemical response units.

Features include:

  • Undress, decontamination, and redress shelters
  • Integrated plumbing
  • Water pumps and flow control
  • Water heater with automatic solution injection
  • Containment berms
  • Waste water storage bladders