HDT Tactical Furniture is an integral part of the command and control environment. Rapidly-deployable and mission-adaptable,
our tactical furniture packages are a convenient way to procure commonly-used configurations and contain all necessary
system components including straight and corner tables, chairs, jumper kits, data network capabilities as well as transport
bags and cases.

HDT Tactical Smart Tables are the only rapidly-deployable tables
with prewired power and data network distribution enclosed in a
secure, rugged, aluminum table. The prewired tables contribute
to quick setup / strike time by reducing the amount of cabling
in command and control operations centers. Tactical Tables
are powered by 110-250 VAC, 50-60 Hz and support US, UK, and
Europe power plugs. Options include up to three managed network
switches, each installed in compartmentalized channels. HDT
Tactical Smart Tables can be daisy-chained and used in multiple
arrangements, reducing the need for external cabling.

HDT Tactical Utility Field Furniture (TUFF) Tables are constructed of
high impact ABS bonded to an internal laminated core to provide
the rugged durability needed for the rigors of front-line operations.
TUFF Tables are designed to work with HDT’s cable management
bags for efficient cable management and faster setup / strike times.
Table legs have adjustable glides to accommodate uneven terrain.

HDT Aluminum TOC Tables are an economical alternative to
our Tactical Smart Tables and TUFF Tables. Made from aircraft
aluminum extrusions, Aluminum TOC Tables can support up to 2,000
lb pounds (distributed load) and are customizable with optional
distributed 110V-240V, 50Hz-60Hz power and video wiring.

Constructed of powder coated 18-gauge oval steel tubing
and hardened polypropylene plastic, HDT tactical chairs are
comfortable and durable. Chairs are available in sets of two or
four chairs and fold flat for extremely dense storage in a mildew
resistant transit bag.

HDT cable management bags provide a clutter-free operations
center by securely storing and routing power, video, network
and other distributed system cables. The durable soft shell cable
management bag attaches to HDT TUFF Tables or Aluminum
TOC Tables with heavy duty Velcro strips organize loose cables
and remove tripping hazards. Bags have physically isolated
compartments for network separation (NIPR/SIPR) and come with
a 12-outlet power strip. Each bag can support 50 lbs.

Ruggedized, aluminum storage cases or durable, mildew-resistant
transport bags protect tactical furniture from damage during
transport or storage and facilitate quick set-up and strike.