HDT’s HW30 hot water vehicle heater provides safe, reliable heat and may be installed in a vehicle cab, vehicle body or in other areas where a hot water source is available. Providing 30,000 BTU/H (8.79 kW), the HW30 heater operates on 28VDC power and is EMI suppressed to military standards for safe use in many vehicles. It is also designed to provide heat for a wide variety of applications. This heater is available in various core tube configurations and the blower position can be configured to meet various application-specific requirements. Simple to maintain and dependable, the HW30 heaters have been in service for many years, and, along with HDT’s HW25 and HW125 vehicle heaters, are proven to be the most dependable in-cab vehicle heaters available.

Features include:

  • 30,000 BTU/H (8.79 kW)
  • 28 volt operation
  • EMI suppressed
  • All steel case construction