The HDT Hunter WOLF is purpose-designed to support light infantry. Compact and powerful, it carries 2,200 pounds and it goes where manned vehicles cannot – traversing narrow trails, steep slopes and dense jungles. An extremely rugged 6×6 robot, the WOLF has the traction and pivot-turn capability of a tracked vehicle, but it runs on easy-to-maintain Michelin non-pneumatic Tweels®.

The hybrid diesel / electric drivetrain has enough battery power for the WOLF to silently carry a full payload more than 12 kilometers off-road. By recharging on the move with its internal diesel / JP-8 engine, it can carry a full payload more than 200 miles off-road, using only internal fuel. Its powerful engine means the Hunter WOLF is never forced to stop for recharging and is always 100% mission-ready.

The Hunter WOLF’s powerful drivetrain also outputs 15kW of electrical power for payloads. Some customers consider it to be a self-propelled 15kW generator, which also fits in a V-22 and carries 2,200 pounds.

Easily configured for different missions, the Hunter WOLF can be fitted with a wide variety of autonomy kits, using its non-proprietary interface to the open-source Robotic Operating System (ROS). Each WOLF also has hardpoints on every surface to attach heavy payloads.