The HDT Hunter WOLF is purpose built for Army’s S-MET program, delivering unique capability in support of our nation’s warfighters. Stealthy, compact and powerful, it carries more than 2,200 lbs. while taking the load off our soldiers as it maneuvers through narrow trails, steep slopes and dense jungles. The Hunter WOLF goes where manned vehicles cannot. An extremely rugged 6×6 robotic vehicle, the Hunter WOLF has the traction and pivot-turn capability of a tracked vehicle, but it runs on easy-to-maintain Michelin non-pneumatic Tweels®.

The Hunter WOLF carry’s a full payload more than 200 miles off-road and recharges on the move – the Hunter WOLF is never forced to stop for recharging and is always 100% mission-ready. The Hunter WOLF performs all the required mobility and payload requirements while operating in the silent mode.

The Hunter WOLF’s powerful Hybrid series electric drivetrain outputs more than enough electrical power – accommodating a wide range of modular Mission Payloads (MMP’s) – and can be considered as a self-propelled 15kW generator, providing a flexible mixed array of utility on the modern battlefield.

Built for the future, featuring Modular Open Architecture (MOSA), the Hunter WOLF the Hunter WOLF can be seamlessly outfitted with a wide variety of autonomy kits and MMP’s, using its non-proprietary interface to the open-source Robotic Operating System (ROS).