With its autonomy kit, a WOLF can operate on its own, performing labor-intensive tasks 24/7 without resting. Each day, a WOLF can deliver tons of feed supplements to thousands of cattle spread across vast reaches of rangeland. With a vegetation cutter and sprayer, a WOLF can eradicate invasive weeds across hundreds of acres a day.

In orchards and vineyards, an unmanned WOLF can act as an autonomous tractor, staying safely away from people. The WOLF is equally capable of operating day or night, which means it can spray in the predawn hours when the wind is low. The small size of the WOLF allows it to easily navigate narrow rows. The vehicle’s powerful drive train allows it to climb steep slopes with heavy loads.

In Forestry, the WOLF’s small size and ability to climb steep slopes means it can carry loads over heavily wooded terrain that is inaccessible to manned vehicles. This ability is especially useful in fighting forest fires. A WOLF with a hammer flail or vegetation cutter can clear fire breaks much faster than an exhausted fire fighter with a Pulaski ax. A WOLF also has one ton of carry capacity and 5 – 15 kW of export electrical power, so it can pump water and fire retardant directly onto a remote fire.

WOLF with a hammer flail can clear a 1.5 meter (5 foot) path down to bare soil at a continuous walking pace.