The HDT Airlock Control Module (ACM) is a digital, fully-automated controller that displays the status of the shelter airlock and the toxic-free area (TFA) connected to the airlock. It also displays the required purge time and provides alarms and directions for the airlock occupants. The ACM utilizes the airlock pressure cycles and standard airlock operating procedures to set and reset the purge timer and provide operations instructions to the airlock occupant.

The HDT ACM displays the pressure and the timer in a graphical, color dimmable display for an intuitive operation, and includes NATO-required “Enter/Exit” and “Stop/Wait” lights. Equipped with an auxiliary set of contacts, the HDT ACM can operate or disengage auxiliary equipment – auxiliary recirculation filter unit, warning lights, locks, dampers – during the purge timer countdown and a preset time after the countdown expired.

The ACM is firmware-driven and all display functions, alarm set points and timers are programmed at the factory, and can be adjusted to the specific customer or program needs. The purge cycle timer can be factory-programmed or set to the local commander deaccession of two to five minutes in 30-second intervals.