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HDT creates advanced robotic systems for a wide variety of applications, including commercial, healthcare, underwater, and military. Our Adroit® manipulators and actuators provide unmatched dexterity, speed, and strength, all packaged in compact lightweight modular components.

Our medical robotics help stroke patients and others recover mobility. We also created the world’s most advanced upper limb prosthesis for DARPA — a replacement arm that nearly matches human strength, speed, and dexterity, and is controlled by the patient’s thoughts.

Our military robots save lives and increase mission performance. Our Adroit line of manipulators was originally developed for Explosive Ordnance Disposal, and the subsea variant of our manipulators was created to neutralized underwater mines. We created the Protector robot to support infantry by clearing their trail and carrying their load.

We continue to perform cutting edge research in robotics and haptics, with a strong focus on how humans and robots can work together, creating a result better than either one could achieve without the other.


Adroit® Manipulator Arm
Adroit® Actuators