Command Center Audio & Video Display

HDT offers a wide array of audio and video display systems to handle any command center A/V requirements you may have. HDT solutions include state-of-the-art LED flat panel displays, projection-based display systems, digital and analog video distribution systems, public address and audio distribution systems.

LED high definition flat panel displays, available in multiple sizes, are energy efficient and affordable. All come with protective cases. Projection-based systems include large screen displays with many screen size options and framing that is quick and easy to set up.

LED Flat Panel Displays

  • 55", 60", 65", and 70" diagonal screen sizes
  • 32", 46", and 60" Command Tables
Projection-Based Displays

  • Tactical Free Standing Framesets
  • Large Screen Displays

HDT’s digital and analog video distribution systems are available in small, medium and large systems with transmitters and receivers to capture and distribute video feeds in mission-critical military or emergency management environments. Video management capabilities of these systems allow connection to different types (or multiple) display systems.

Digital Video Distribution Systems

  • Highest degree of video image quality
  • Can output multiple video feeds onto single screen
  • Handles 15 – 27 video input sources and 10 – 17 output destinations
  • Rugged case for protected transporting
Analog Video Distribution Systems

  • Supports PC, Surveillance Feed, DVD/Blu-ray, TV broadcast and Video teleconferencing inputs
  • Video inputs range from 4 to 32 channels
  • Rugged case for protected transporting

HDT provides speakers, public address systems, and audio distribution systems to ensure that the right level of audio transmission is available for whatever command center size or environment you may have.

Speakers and Public Address Systems

  • Wired or wireless audio systems
  • Microphone conference systems
  • Battery powered portable PA system with collapsible speaker tower and built-in Bluetooth for outstanding portable audio needs