Built for the future fight, the WOLF-X robotic combat vehicle from HDT Global is the powerful, dynamic, innovative solution for modern battlefield lethality.

Built to take a beating and keep on performing in the most extreme environments, the WOLF-X is an 8 x 8 wheeled robotic combat vehicle with a robust chassis that is rugged, reliable, easy to operate and maintain. The WOLF-X, built with HDT’s Terrain Flex suspension, provides over a foot of independent travel for each of the eight wheels, delivering superior speed and mobility to the mission.

Featuring HDT’s 5th-generation Stealth Hybrid diesel/electric powertrain, the WOLF-X is nearly invisible on the battlefield. Our proven Hardcore Power Pack Lithium Iron Phosphate battery with active liquid cooling and heating provides high performance output across a wide range of environmental conditions.

With long range, excellent survivability, and plug-and-play computing power, the WOLF-X exceeds expectations and delivers the best solution for critical missions on the complex modern battlefield.