HDT designs, engineers, and manufactures advanced robotic systems used in military, healthcare, commercial, and underwater applications.

  • HDT’s Adroit® manipulators and actuators provide unmatched dexterity, speed, and strength using compact, lightweight, modular components
  • HDT’s military robots can save lives and increase mission performance. The Adroit manipulators were originally developed for Explosive Ordnance Disposal, and the sub-sea variant of these manipulators was created to neutralize underwater mines. The Micro-Utility Vehicle robot was designed and created to support infantry by handling trail clearing and load carrying tasks.
  • HDT’s medical robotics help stroke patients and others recover their mobility. Additionally, HDT created the world’s most advanced upper limb prosthesis for DARPA – a replacement arm, controlled by a patient’s thoughts, that nearly matches human strength, speed, and dexterity.
  • HDT continues the performance of cutting edge robotic/haptic research focusing on how humans and robots can work together to create results better than either one could achieve alone

HDT’s Robotic Solutions include:

  • Adroit Manipulator Arms
  • Commercial Market Applications
  • Under Sea Applications – Manipulator Arm, Motion Sensing, and Silent Propulsion
  • HDT Protector Robot
  • HDT Hunter WOLF
  • Robotics Research