When HDT’s Space Heater Convective (SHC) heaters are running, the battery pack gets charged by the thermoelectric generator (TEG) on the heater. That’s fine during colder months when the heater runs frequently. During warmer weather, and especially during the summer months, SHC heaters usually sit idle for long periods of time, during which time the battery pack typically loses some charge. With the HDT SHC Battery Charging Rack, the heater battery will stay charged and fully mission capable when temperatures drop and it’s time to use your HDT heater.

Features include:

  • The SHC battery charging rack consists of a multi-shelf rack system with three (3) charging trays
  • Each charging tray/shelf has charging stations for six (6) SHC batteries (NSN 4520-01-493-2796)
  • Batteries can be continuously charged
  • The removal of one battery will not disrupt the charging process