HDT’s Thor 200 is HDT’s heavy-duty environmental control unit and is the industry’s most advanced mobile, ground support flight line air conditioner, providing customers with the ability to maintain aircraft cooling requirements in the world’s most extreme environmental conditions. Capable of operating at high altitudes and in high temperature / high humidity conditions, the Thor 200 provides sufficient airflow and cooling capability for cooling aircraft avionics and personnel during maintenance and pre-flight ground support operations.

  • Available in High Pressure (HP) models. The High Pressure model is also available as a CE-compliant unit. See data sheet for details and model specifications.
  • All models are self-powered by an onboard diesel engine / generator set operating on a wide variety of diesel, commercial aviation, and military fuels, or operated from shore power.
  • The HDT Nordic Thor 200 acts as a single pass system. An optional ducted return is available.


HDT Thor® 200