The DRASH® Satellite Transportable Terminal (STT) Shelter System joins STT communications technology and the DRASH C Shelter with a specially designed booting system to provide users with a larger, more effective work area protected from harsh weather and environmental conditions.

Using the DRASH STT Shelter System, which is easily set up by two (2) personnel in less than 10 minutes, users can connect the STT to any of the 52 DRASH shelter models available, including the U.S. Army’s Standard Integrated Command Post Systems (SICPS) TMSS Medium and TMSS Large, which range in size from 109-1,250 square feet and can interconnect to increase or decrease a structure’s overall footprint.

DRASH STT Shelter Systems can also be used with other vehicle communications platforms, including the Standard Integrated Command Post System (SICPS), Integrated Platform Solutions (IPS) Logistics Support, and Air Defense Airspace Management (ADAM) Cell.