The HDT RTOC Touch and Tilt (TnT) is a collaborative, interactive display system that is integrated with a ruggedized transit case that allows multiple display positions. The system supports display sizes from 55 to 65 inches diagonally and features an external input / output panel that provides easy-access connection points for power, video and USB.

Operators can annotate battle command software and – from a connected PC – open, edit and save documents. Optional gesture control is available to enlarge, reduce and rotate images. The system supports multiple pen colors, eraser, mouse functionality and hand tools for moving objects.

The HDT RTOC TnT is fully compatible with Windows 7/8/10 operating systems and supports all Microsoft® Office applications such as Word®, Excel® and PowerPoint®. The system also supports all display-based, military battle command software.

The RTOC-TnT is rugged and sets up / strikes within minutes. All components are stored within the case.