HDT’s OpenAire CBRN Filter Housing is ideal for shipboard and fixed site ColPro applications. OpenAire filter housings provide for high filtration capacities at a low weight and low cost. Available in two types, a base version for building ColPro applications and a marine version for ship applications, both types accommodate multiple HDT M98 filter sets (sold separately) for flow rates up to 1,600 CFM (2,718 m3/h) per single housing. OpenAire CBRN filter housings can be arranged in banks for filtration capacities limited only by the available area for the filtration bank site.

  • The standard OpenAire filter housing configuration uses a two-piece front cover system for independent compression of gas and particulate filters. It is also available with a one-piece front cover when using the NATO STANAG 4447 CBRN Filter.

OpenAire filter housings are available in eight lengths. Choosing the longest length, while still meeting any dimensional constraints, provides the lowest cost system.