The MX Solar Shade covers DRASH® MX Shelters, providing a buffer from the sun and mitigating the effects of extreme heat. It can significantly reduce heat load within a shelter to protect troops, equipment, vehicles, and ammunition. Application of the Solar Shade provides an 85% shading factor, resulting in a 15°F to 20°F (8.3°C to 11.1°C) temperature differential. When used in conjunction with an ECU and/or with a power generator the Solar Shade can reduce fuel costs significantly.

The Solar Shade also blocks harmful UVA and UVB rays: UVA, 320 – 400 nm, 86.3%; UVB, 280 – 320 nm, 84.3%; and thus offers protection from the sun during vehicle maintenance and other outside activities.

The MX Solar Shade integrates seamlessly with existing tactical operations centers and other shelter configurations that use the MX Shelter. It is manufactured with an open-knitted material, allowing breezes to flow through to keep temperatures moderate.

Heat exhaustion, fatigue, and exposure coupled with increasing energy consumption are major challenges for today’s warfighters. The Solar Shade is an effective way of combating these challenges, especially when combined with the DRASH Insulated Liners, and Intelligent Power Technology® trailers.

Features include:

  • Provides 85% shading factor
  • Open-knitted material allows for breezes, creating moderate temperatures
  • Effective for ammunition storage (Solar Shade Fabric is FR meeting or exceeding California Fire Marshall Code)
  • Provides 15°F to 20°F (8.3°C to 11.1°C) temperature differential from outside
Solar Shade Material Specifications
Total weight: 86 lbs 39 kg
Dimensions (L x W): 36.7' x 23.8' 11.2 x 7.3 m
Packed dimensions: 47" x 26" x 72" 119 x 66 x 183 cm
Packed volume: 50.9 ft3 1.4 m3
Flame Resistance
ASTM D 6413
Warp & Fill
2 Sec. Max. After Flame
Low Temperature
ASTM D 2136
@ -40°F
Shade Factor
400 -1000nm
Average 85%


Pre-attached collapsible supports keep Solar Shade elevated from the shelter surface, to maximize shade efficacy and also to allow a continuous air flow.