Receiving and handling remains is an important responsibility that ensures proper identification and processing of victims of armed conflict or natural or manmade disasters. Mortuary Affairs units need to be able to set up minutes from an incident in order to properly identify victims and prepare them for burial. To preserve the victims before internment, a Mortuary Affairs infrastructure needs to be able to maintain a consistent interior temperature, even in desert weather conditions.

DRASH® Systems can assist in establishing a scalable collection point for high intensity conflicts or mass fatality disasters. Able to be fully operational within minutes of arrival, DRASH Systems enable Mortuary Affairs personnel to establish a Mortuary Affairs Collection Point (MACP), Mortuary Affairs Decontamination Collection Point (MADCP) or a Theater Mortuary Evacuation Point (TMEP) where and when it is needed most. Additionally, DRASH Shelter Systems come with a complete power package that ensures optimum operations even in extreme temperature conditions.

Option include:

  • Roller systems
  • Sinks
  • Surgical tables
  • Decon
  • Medical lighting
  • Medical equipment
  • Climate controlled remains storage
  • Body bags
  • Remains trays
  • Field desks