HDT’s Modular Deployable Perimeter Security System (MDPSS) is built around a core module that allows the user to integrate a wide variety of sensor and engagement packages onto a stable, elevated platform. The platform is housed in an deployable ISO standard container providing self-contained power and network connectivity with GPS positioning. The system can be used stand alone or networked with other units and systems to provide surveillance and complete perimeter security.

  • The HDT MDPSS is multi-use for military, embassy and homeland security applications. It can provide users with the effects ranging from non-lethal to lethal depending on the need and rules of engagement.

Features include:

  • ISO-rated Tricon container with integrated:
    • Electro-mechanical lift, built to support employment of sensor engagement packages from elevated positions
    • Power management and back-up
    • Full remote operational control of the container, lift and payload station up to 1000 m (1,093 yards)
  • Supports non-lethal devices including:
    • Day and night (thermal) video
    • Audio jammers
    • Loudspeakers
    • Laser dazzler/bright light
    • Flashbang grenades
    • Microwave deterrent
  • Networked Ethernet hub for integration and external cueing
  • Augments existing security assets and personnel