The Universal System Control Module (USCM) is a digital system controller that monitors the protected volume (Toxic Free Area – TFA) pressure relative to the outside ambient pressure and provides variable-speed signals to the filtration system fan controller to maintain constant pressure in the TFA.

The USCM features include a digital graphical display of the positive pressure in the TFA and the pressure differential pressure across the filter (at the current flow). It provides 2 JCAD (LCD 3.3) chemical agent detector interfaces for automatic and remote operation. The USCM also includes an interface (dry contacts) to activate or deactivate external devices and has audible and visual alarms.

The USCM is firmware-driven, and its display and functions can be customized to customer or application requirements. Customization options include pressure control points, alarm points, agent alarm functionalities and auxiliary contacts functionality.

The USCM was designed to operate with legacy systems such as the M93 (5-19-8892), H100 filtration systems (used on the MMPV) and the newer HDT FFA100-124 and FFA100-224. These systems are suitable for vehicle or hard wall shelter operation.